We offer a full spectrum of investment strategies, these include but are not limited to: Mutual Funds, Segregated Funds (with guarantees), and high interest savings accounts.  The philosophy behind the selection of the actual investments chosen is determined by our client’s goals and their objectives.  By listening to, and partnering with our clients we help to define the asset allocation and the risk of the portfolio that your money is invested in.


Building wealth takes time, through a disciplined value based approach, and the process of balancing reward with risk, we provide clients with the opportunity to buy fundamentally sound investments at a fraction of what we believe is their true worth.


Mutual Funds are distributed by mutual fund dealer Investia Financial Services Inc.

Mutual Funds

Being 100% independent and utilizing Investia Financial Services access to the top fund companies, we can provide our clients with a truly diverse portfolio, and products to fit their plan and suit their needs.

Investment Products
Investment Products
Segregated Funds

Segregated funds are much like mutual funds in that they are an investment fund that offers market exposure with ample growth potential – but unlike mutual funds, segregated funds have the attributes of an insurance product which means, among other benefits, your principal investment can be contractually guaranteed.

Guaranteed Investment Certificates are secure investments that guarantee to grow your principal. Your investment earns interest, at either a fixed or a variable rate, or based on a pre-determined formula. GICs often form the foundation of a well-balanced portfolio.


Annuities provide guaranteed income for life, similar to a RRIF. There are many components to each that your advisor can explain to you and help you choose which option will fit best into your plans.

Investment Vehicles

Saving money is something we can help you do, and making Registered Retirement Savings Plan contributions is a smart way to do it. RRSP accounts offer tax mitigation, and tax deferrals along with compounding interest that will work for you to build long term wealth.


By the end of the year in which you turn 71, you will have to decide what to do with your RRSP. A straight withdrawal will rarely be the best option. So how you decide between a Registered Retirement Income Fund and/or an annuity will be something we can help you with.


Give your children or grandchildren a gift that will pay dividends for the rest of their lives: a custom education savings plan that, started now, can help them later when paying for the high costs of post-secondary tuition. Education is more crucial today than ever before – but it’s getting harder to pay for it. Registered Education Savings Plans and the government grants and bonds within them can help mitigate those rising costs.


The Registered Disability Savings Plan was introduced in 2007 and combines individual and/or family contributions with government grants and bonds within one tax deferred savings vehicle. When invested properly, it can grow into a significant asset.  These accounts are intended to help parents and families save for the long-term financial security of a person who is eligible for the Disability Tax Credit.


The Tax Free Savings Account is a flexible, registered, multi-purpose savings vehicle introduced to Canada on January 1, 2009. As of 2016 it allows Canadians to invest a total accumulative contribution of $46,500 - that maximum contribution amount is expected to continue to increase over time. Income and interest earned within TFSA grows tax-free, and under today's laws money withdrawn from a TFSA later in life will not affect the Old Age Security claw back rules allowing Canadians to further supplement their income during retirement while still receiving maximum government benefits available.

Individual Pension Plan

Non-Registered accounts (also known as Open Accounts) are flexible accounts that allow you to save for both the short and long term. Growth within a non-registered account is taxed as a capital gain when withdrawn and utilizing corporate class funds can defer these taxable gains until later in life.  Unlike RRSPs and TFSAs, non-registered accounts have no contribution limits.

An Individual Pension Plan (IPP), is a Canadian retirement savings vehicle designed for business owners. It is a defined benefit pension plan that allows a business owner to accrue retirement income on a tax sheltered basis, and move corporate funds into their personal name in a tax favorable manner.

Group RRSP

A Group Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) is an employer-sponsored retirement savings plan, similar to an individual RRSP, but administered on a group basis by the employer. Contributions are made by pay-roll deduction , on a pre-tax basis, through a Group RRSP administrator.  If your company is looking to set a Group RRSP up please let me know, we will do the work required to put everything in place on your behalf.

Guaranteed Investment Certificates (GICs) are offered through Investia Financial Services Inc. and/or multiple carriers.

Segregated fund products are offered through Investia Financial Services Inc. and/or multiple carriers.  Subject to any applicable death benefit guarantee, any part of the premium or other amount that is allocated to a segregated fund, is invested at the risk of the policy owner and may increase or decrease in value according to the fluctuations in the market value of the assets of the segregated fund.


Mutual Funds are distributed by mutual fund dealer Investia Financial Services Inc.  Mutual funds and/or approved exempt market products are offered through Investia Financial Services Inc. (“Investia”).  Mutual funds and exempt market products are sold exclusively by Representatives who are licensed by provincial regulators and registered with Investia.

Commissions, trailing commissions, management fees and other expenses may be associated with mutual fund/exempt market product investments. Please read the Fund Fact or prospectus carefully before investing. Mutual fund and exempt market product investments are not guaranteed, their values change frequently, and their past performance may not be repeated.